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Credit Sudhaar Finance is an NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) which offers loans to people who have low credit scores and are struggling to break a cycle of bad credit.

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Your spouse's bad credit can lead to troubles

  Sat, Mar 25, 2017     written by : CSF-Team

When in college, Anurag and Trupti were like any two people in love. They wanted to get married, but not before they were settled in their respective careers. Anurag aspired to be a filmmaker and Trupti wanted to make it big as a corporate lawyer. Much to the chagrin of their parents' they courted for nearly a decade before they finally got hitched in November 2016.

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Good Credit Score but Bad Credit Report? How Does It Affect Your Loan?

  Wed, Mar 22, 2017     written by : CSF-Team

Your report is a window to your past credit pursuits. It stores all information regarding your credit related activities that have been in the past. Based on the information given thereby and using a proprietary algorithmic formula, credit bureaus work out your credit score. It wouldn't be wrong to conclude that a credit score is a numeric reflection of your bygone credit acts. Or is it? Is it really a true reflection of your past?

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Can One Inherit Bad Debts

  Sat, Mar 18, 2017     written by : CSF-Team

Quite often when kin inherit assets passed down by their parents, they wonder if they would also inherit their unpaid debts. Everyone wants to be left valuables and lucrative assets, but when it comes to inheriting liabilities people often shy from claiming responsibility. But Prakhar's case was different. He was worried that his father's bad debts would haunt his future. Was he destined to doom? Here is his story.

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Why Loan Defaulters Are Unable To Come Out Of Debt Trap?

  Fri, Mar 10, 2017     written by : CSF-Team

Ever since Saurabh started working he took loans. Firstly he was paying off his education loan. Then, he took a loan to help in his sister's wedding, a year later he applied for a car loan and then again a personal loan for his own wedding.

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Q- Why do loan applications get declined?

Loan application can get declined for various reasons. The credit score or credit status is one of those. But borrower’s credit score also happens to be the most important and dominant reason impacting the outcome of a loan application. The other reasons for decline could be failed verification, incomplete documentation apart from the credit policy of the bank.

Q- Will Credit Sudhaar Finance take my past defaults into account while underwriting as any other lender will?

While Credit Sudhaar Finance will review the past defaults, it would not be to reject the loan application but to weed out the intentional defaulters and lend to those who have not been able to pay for some exigency.

Q- What is loan for low credit score?

The low credit score generally leads to rejection of loan application. Credit Sudhaar Finance has introduced an innovative product that aims to extend loans to those who have low credit score. Irrespective of the reason for low credit score, including delinquent accounts, Credit Sudhaar Finance will evaluate the application and will lend if the borrower meets the laid down criteria.

Q- Can I get a personal loan with bad credit score?

Yes, getting a loan in individual capacity is definitely possible despite having a bad credit score. Credit Sudhaar Finance has introduced "Plus Loans" product for individuals who have stressed credit history owing to mistakes made in past.

Q- What is a loan defaulter list?

There is no particular loan defaulter list. The underwriting is based on the data available on applicant’s current and past accounts available on the credit bureau report.