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Credit Sudhaar Finance launches Plus Loans

  Thursday, November 03, 2016     written by : CSF-Team

Are you struggling to qualify for market –leading loans because of a bad credit history? Is a bad credit score keeping you from getting funds that you so badly need? Don’t let your past credit mistakes come in the way of your future financial plans.

Credit Sudhaar Finance is here to help with its PLUS Loans (Personal Loan against Undertaking or Security). This product specifically cater to subprime borrowers who have a low credit score and who are looking for personal loan for low CIBIL score funds for any need including repayment of their outstanding dues. Your past credit mistakes will not let you get approval from the leading banks. But if you want to get past those mistakes and need a second chance you are at the right place.

We know that financial emergencies can strike anyone anytime. And during those times it is hard to keep the credit score perfect. If one missed or delayed some payments the credit score directly gets affected. But even if one realizes his mistakes later and has the capability to handle loans, he will still face rejections from most leading banks because of the stringent credit score criteria they follow for offering loans. Most banks prefer to stay away from borrowers with a low credit score. They do not rely on them for timely repayments. But we at Credit Sudhaar Finance do not have such short-sighted credit score guidelines.

We know that bad credit fix is possible by taking measures to improve the score but it is a gradual process and takes a few years of responsible financial management. Our PLUS Loans help people get through these difficult times while they are working on their score by giving them access to the much needed funds. It also helps them consolidate your debts, cut your interest payments and extend your repayment period.

PLUS Loans require a guarantee in the form of gold, shares or any such valuable asset. One can borrow money upto Rs 5 lakhs at an interest rate that is much lower than the credit card interest rates. So if you are looking for funds to meet some unexpected expenses and a low credit score is making you stressed look no further. Our procedure to apply for loan is quick and simple and you can get the funds in your account without any delay.

Another major benefit of PLUS loans is that the payment history is reported to the credit reporting agencies. Hence managing this loan responsibly will give you a chance to repair your credit. By prompt payment of this loan over a period of time you will gradually be able to improve your score and restore your credibility.

Many bad credit borrowers have benefited from these PLUS Loans. It has helped them come out of their financial troubles. By paying the instalments regularly they have demonstrated their reliability and moved up through their credit rating from fair to excellent.

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